System Oriented Annual International Neonatology Conference


Infectious diseases of neonates


Submission Deadline

Last Date for Submission 5th January 2022


POSTERS: Research and quality improvement projects pertaining to Neonatology

ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Research and quality improvement projects pertaining to Infectious diseases of neonates

General Instructions

  • Abstracts must be in English
  • Please state whether ethical approval was required and obtained
  • State type of abstract submission i.e research or quality improvement initiative (e.g Clinical audits, PDSA Cycle, Education and training, Incident report)


Abstract must include
1. Title
2. Content (Maximum 300 Characters)
– Introduction
– Objectives
– Methods
– Results
– Conclusions
3. Attachments (JPEG, PNG)

Figures & Tables

Quote in the text.


  • List the references in order of citation in the text, in square brackets.
  • Clearly indicate the following data: names of all the authors, title of the article/book, publication year.

Publication details

  • For journal articles, indicate journal title, volume, issue, first and last page of the article
  • For websites, indicate the last access.
  • For books, indicate the book publisher, chapter of article and its head office.

Conflict of interest statement

Please provide a conflict of interest statement.

Guidelines for QI Projects


Any project related to quality improvement in healthcare for neonates e.g., clinical audits, risk management, education & training


Abstract must include:

  1. Title
  2. Background (underlying problem affecting healthcare, audit question)
  3. Aims & objectives (Why are you doing it and what you hope to achieve)
  4. Standards
  5. Methodology (team, place of audit, duration, sample size, inclusion & exclusion criteria, data analysis methods)
  6. Results
  7. Conclusion
  8. Action plan / intervention (proposed changes, who will do it?, how will they be executed?)
  9. Reaudit / result of QI intervention (impact of intervention, compare these results with preintervention results).
  10. References
  11. Figures & Tables: Not required for abstract. Please quote in the text.


PDSA Cycle

Abstract must include

Participant details

Members of the improvement team and their roles

Project details

Start and end date
Measures/ processes for change


Outcome, Process, Balancing measures

PDSA Cycles/ Process Mapping

Record data, document problems, data analysis


Results and summary of difference(s) made
Keys to success
Barriers to the project
Lessons learned to date


Modifications required
Plan for next cycle

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