About Us

Neonatology Events came into being with the idea to provide one point of access for all events, research, and on-going updates in the field of Neonatology. Since 2019, Neonatology Events has hosted its flagship event NeoColloqium annually which provides doctors, researchers, and knowledge gatherers a platform to exchange ideas and discuss advances in the field.

Teaching Activities

For Nurses

Every Tuesday, there is one hour protected time teaching on nursing topics.

For clinical fellows

In addition to combined hospital teaching activities on Thursday and Saturday, there is a daily teaching session of one hour for discussion on a topic, research paper, clinical scenarios and problem-solving scenarios.

For Postgraduate Trainee Doctors/Medical Officers

  • As part of combined hospital teaching:
    1. Monday………..Long case
    2. Tuesday………..Short cases
    3. Thursday……….Mortality conference
    4. Friday…………….Radiology/supervisor meeting
    5. Saturday………..CPC
  • Exclusive ward teaching:
    1. Daily………….…..Teaching round
    2. Wednesday……Topic presentation

On-Line National & International Teaching Collaborations

  1. 2-day course on Covid-19 prevention and management in neonates. Done in collaboration with Unicef Pakistan and Pakistan Pediatric Association.
  2. Collaboration with Unicef & AAP for series of presentations on ‘Essential Newborn Care’.
  3. Regular presentations of international experts in Neonatology from UK, USA, UAE.

Training Courses Are Organized On Regular Basis

  1. Neonatal life support
  2. Neonatal mechanical ventilation
  3. Chest drain insertion in pneumothorax
  4. Surfactant administration
  5. Percutaneous insertion of central catheters
  6. Placement of umbilical arterial and venous catheters
  7. Clinical audit

Subdivisions Of The Department

The department of neonatology is offers a great deal of facilities that are not just limited to the patients. The organization level of the department is as under

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

High Dependency Unit

Special Care Unit

Out-patients follow-up clinic

Neonatal emergency

Teaching & Research Facilities

Facilities for Patients

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
Total capacity for 8 neonates. Equipped with 8 intensive care incubators, total body cooling system, 5 ventilators (CMV + HFOV), 2 SiPAP machines, 7 HiPAP machines (nHFT & nCPAP), monitors, infusion and syringe pumps, point of care laboratory, central oxygen, air and vacuum suction systems, digital portable x-ray and ultrasound machines. Round the clock services of pharmacist are available for provision of TPN, extemporaneous preparation and aseptic drug dispensing.
HDU (High Dependency Unit)
Total capacity of 20. Equipped with 4 incubators, 5 neonatal resuscitation systems and 11 baby cots, monitoring equipment, central oxygen, air and vacuum suction systems, neonatal radiant warmers, LED phototherapy units and infusion pumps.
SCU (Special Care Unit)
Total capacity of 12. Relatively stable babies are kept along with mothers for completion of treatment period or awaiting diagnosis.
Out-Patients/Perinatal-Neonatal/Follow-Up Clinic
Total capacity of 12. Relatively stable babies are kept along with mothers for completion of treatment period or awaiting diagnosis.